Capacity: 15.000 Tons / Year
Diameter: Ø 10 – Ø 50 mm.
Length: 2.500 – 7.000 mm.
Surface Roughness: Max. Ra 2 µm
Dia. Tolerances: h9 – h11


Bar peeling is a machining process by which a hot-rolled steel blank is converted into a polished bar. During the peeling process; imperfections, surface cracks and oxide layers are removed giving a perfect roundness with good surface and dimensional accuracy to the bar and prepares it for further machining.

TEKAY has established its peeling workshop at the end of the 90’s to meet the need for peeled material in the production of U-Bolts. Over time, this facility has served to bright steel bar suppliers and manufacturers that use heat treatable and spring steels to produce stabilizer bars, steering shafts, etc.