Capacity:   200 Tons / Year
Inside Diameter: 14 – 60 mm.
Outside Diameter: 19 – 80 mm.
Length: 40 – 120 mm.
Quality: F42 – F48
Tensile Strength: Min. 410 – 470 N/mm2
Yield Stress : Min. 240 – 320 N/mm2
Elongation:   Min. % 20 – 11
Hardness:   115 – 140 HB


The spring bush is a part that is used in leaf springs of suspension systems to fill the gap between pins and springs, to prevent shocks from the road and to minimize the vibrations of heavy loads.

TEKAY produces copper-zinc alloyed leaf spring bushes in the specified technical characteristics  as grooved or non-grooved depending on the customers requirements. Thanks to the modern CNC machines supporting the production line, the annual production capacity is about 200 tons per year.

Tekay’s customer portfolio for leaf spring bushes includes; leaf spring, agricultural vehicle, and construction machines producers as well as the dealers in the spare part industry.