Capacity: 3.000.000 Pcs./Year
Thread Type: M10 – M30, 7/16″-1 ¼” – UNF
Length:   60 – 700 mm
Width: 40 – 230 mm
Quality:    8.8 – 10.9 – 12.9
Coating: Phosphate, paint, zinc, KTL, Geomet…etc.


TEKAY is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical & air suspension U-Bolts. The product range includes all types of U-Bolts for commercial vehicles, buses, trucks and trailers.

U-Bolt is a safety part. Therefore, its production starting from the raw material requires high quality and expertise. TEKAY, thanks to its experienced technical team, produces all types of U-Bolts on its modern production line in various forms including round, semi-round, square and flattened in the specified technical characteristics.

At TEKAY, the entire U-Bolt production process is planned and monitored with an effective ERP system, from incoming raw material to shipment. Product quality is guaranteed by internal tests and controls. The products are packaged according to the customer’s requests and delivered to the customers in a short time through the warehouses in Istanbul and Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Thanks to its fast and flexible production line and its wide distribution capabilities, TEKAY succesfully meets the needs of OEM, OES and IAM.  About 70% of the manufactured U-Bolts are exported to more than 50 countries in the world.