Heat treatment is a series of heating and cooling processes applied to improve the strength, hardness, grain structure and mechanical properties of the material. During heat treatment; with the simultaneous control of the temperature, time and atmosphere, the most favorable conditions are created and the material of the desired quality is produced.

U-Bolt is a safety part for the suspension system. Therefore, the heat treatment is a critical   and important process for U-Bolts. TEKAY has established its own heat treatment facility in 2005. Since then, all manufacturing processes are  performed in house and high product quality is guaranteed.

TEKAY can apply heat treatment for u-bolts, nuts, bolts and similar parts (max. 1 meter in length) in the atmosphere controlled furnaces with a minimum deformation.

In the heat treatment laboratory, micro and macro controls are applied before and after heat treatment process in order to measure the grain size, carbide distribution, micro structural changes and the effects of the changes on the mechanical properties. All measurements and controls are applied within the framework of international standards.

Controls and Tests:

  • Rockwell Hardness Test
  • Brinell Hardness Test
  • Microvickers Hardness Test
  • Grain Size Control
  • Decarburization Control
  • Tensile Test